Make a Difference

Be Luminous Yoga Luminaries are the smile of the studio.  They share our passion for the empowering and inspiring of people through yoga and meditation. They share their time and talents to make the work of Be Luminous Yoga possible.  They invite everyone they know and meet to experience Be Luminous Yoga and join our community.  They post flyers, check in classes, call new clients, make events possible, and make sure Be Luminous Yoga remains a clean, beautiful place to be.  They work one shift per week in exchange for unlimited yoga at one of the best yoga studios in Seattle and enjoy regular fun and personal growth oriented meetings.  They are the heart and soul of our community, and bring many of us together. 

A Sweet Deal on Yoga

You offer your time & energy to elevate Be Luminous Yoga in return for:

  • Unlimited Yoga at one of Seattle's best yoga studios
  • 4 Luminary Meet-Ups:  The events include things like setting goals and vision, or a special class with snacks.  We hold 4 per year and request that you attend at least 2 of the 4.
  • 25% off merchandise
  • 15% off all workshops presented by Be Luminous Yoga Teachers
  • Free mat rental
  • Front Desk Luminaries also receive: free mat storage when available; at the end of a year of service, receive 2 extra months of free yoga directly following the time you leave.

Get Going

Email with a résumé and the roles you are interested in, and then we will respond with what we have currently available!

  • Cleaning:  In your 2-hour weekly  shift (we have a variety of days and times to be filled), you'll create the sparkling clean environment that makes it possible for Be Luminous Yogis to practice in saucha and relax more fully.  We can't stress how important this role is in maintaining the high-quality nature of Be Luminous Yoga.

  • Front Desk Support: As a Front Desk Luminary, your contribution is building community and connection.  You are the face of Be Luminous Yoga.  In your 3-hour weekly shift, you’ll check in classes, get to work with students, ring sales and call our new clients to check in with them.  We are looking for highly dependable people who are excited about being part of Be Luminous Yoga in a bigger way!

  • Street Marketing: Have you ever wanted to share the joy and power of your yoga practice with everyone you meet?  This is the job of you… get out into the South Lake Union and surrounding communities and let people know that Be Luminous Yoga is here to serve them with coupons and special offers.  These are 2-hour weekly shifts.

  • Social Media Management: Be Luminous Yoga is all about community, and we'd love to develop our online presence to bring people closer together and reach people with our inspiration.  Do you have know-how with Social Media that you are dying to apply to your favorite yoga community?  We’d love to work with you 2-hours per week to develop a robust, vibrant on-line community. 

  • Marketing Support: We know there are brilliant marketing folks among us.  Are you one of them who would love to help us develop and run a special campaign?  We are looking for inspired, passionate folks who have some time to give in service of bolstering your yoga community so we can serve the greatest number of people possible.  Let's face it - the more people who do yoga, the better the world will be!  Help us get people into Be Luminous Yoga.  We are open 2-hour weekly shifts or other creative arrangements. 

  • Special Projects:  Do you see something that could enhance the Be Luminous Yoga community and have the skills to make it happen?  We are open to great ideas.  Please forward a proposal to us at