“Good teaching cannot be reduced to technique; good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher.” - Palmer


We invite you to expand your teaching through a rigorous and well-rounded immersion.  In the 300 Hour Teaching Mastery Retreat, we will set a foundation of common language and expertise, diving into all aspects of the mastery of teaching yoga.  You can expect full days, from early morning into late evening.  While the program is challenging, it's also highly rewarding and built to sustain you throughout your hard work. 

Expand Your Art with the 300 Hour Training Teaching Mastery 301 Retreat

April 21-27, 2018



In our time together, we will explore the following:

Practices & Techniques

  • Asana, Meditation & Pranayama Practice
  • Intention, Alignment and Actions in Asana
  • Teaching Advanced Asana
  • Beyond Baptiste Sequencing Part 1

Teaching Methodology

  • Foundations of Baptiste Methodology
  • Application of the Baptiste Methodology for Teaching Beyond Baptiste Yoga
  • Lead Mediation Practice
  • Teach with Video and Live Feedback Sessions
  • Teaching Special Populations
  • Empowered Classroom Management: In-class workshops, managing varied skill levels…

Living Yoga Philosophy

  • Foundations of Yoga Philosophy as a Life Practice
  • Yoga Philosophy in Teaching
  • Readings
  • Personal Inquiry for Teaching

Anatomy & Physiology

  • Body Systems in Depth
  • Deepening Muscular and Skeletal Understanding
  • Using Anatomy in Assisting

Teaching Methods include discussions, reading, activities, small group work, plenty of asana, meditation and pranayama practice, as well as practice teaching and video feedback within the week. 

In order to complete the training, you must complete all the hours from the beginning to the end the program.  You must also complete any written work to be handed in throughout the program.  This written work is minimal, and must be completed. 


Still need to apply to the 300-Advanced Teacher Training?  Download a 300 Hour Program Brochure & Application today.