Be Luminous Yoga inspires our community to live empowered, creative, vibrant lives through the practices of yoga and meditation.


To “Be Luminous” is to live an inspired life – one in which our true nature of clarity, happiness and peace is cultivated, so that we may experience the challenges of our human lives with an open-hearted ease.   We invite our entire community to discover their own luminous nature through comprehensive yoga instruction – from beginner to advanced – meditation, workshops, immersive retreats, teacher trainings, philosophical study and continuing education.


Be Luminous Yoga operates on the principle that a business can be truthful, transparent and mindful, while giving generously to its community, in pursuit of financial success. We are committed teachers, managers, volunteers and owners inspired by a work environment where individuals are empowered to lead and co-create a community that thrives on personal connection and a spirit of freedom.