Phoebe White

Started Teaching: 
2 years ago
Started Practicing: 
15 years ago

Phoebe started practicing yoga on and off at the young age of 13. She always knew she wanted to be a yoga teacher, but felt she had to have the perfect practice and yoga body before she could do so. Over the past few years her practice has evolved from a daily physical activity to a body/mind/spirit connection where her mat has become a place of deep healing. "Moving my body to my breath allows me the freedom to drop my ego and really become one with my authentic self." This freedom gave Phoebe the courage and motivation to step up and become the teacher she has always dreamed of being. She shines her light bright and her classes invite you to do the same. Phoebe also loves reading tarot, writing, and playing with her cat Hudini. You can learn more about her here: & follow her on instagram: @starheartedphoebe 

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