Kelly Moyaert

Started Teaching: 
4 years ago
Started Practicing: 
12 years ago
Primary Style and Expertise: 
Power Flow & Slow Flow Vinyasa, Restorative Yoga

“Embody and inspire joy, confidence, compassion and transformation.  I teach yoga because I strongly believe in its capacity to offer space for inspiration and transformation.  Yoga and meditation have changed my life and allowed me to access more balance, joy, creativity, clarity and healing from within."  

Kelly grew up dancing and has a special love for vinyasa yoga because of the dynamic flow, connection of movement to rhythm, breath, music and opportunity for expression.  She completed her 200 hour RYT training right here at her home studio of Be Luminous in the spring of 2014.  Additionally, she is passionate about Restorative Yoga, its health benefits and recently completed a Restorative teacher training with Jodi Boone in February 2016.  Off the mat, she is a seasoned naturopathic physician and body-worker who practices hands-on mind body spirit medicine, and facilitates a release of myofascial restrictions through Craniosacral therapy and Bowenwork; consequently, it has been a natural evolution for her to (not only practice regularly but) study yoga and aspire to teach and share as a therapeutic healing modality.  Living in a busy stressful world, she recognizes we all have challenges which we struggle to balance in life. While teaching yoga, Kelly aims to create space and intention for empowering individuals to step away from their stress, step on to their mat, connect to their own inner wisdom and awareness, witness their present moment through breath...and as class unfolds, find a bit of peace and joy through self-discovery, love, lightness, laughter, letting go... and surrendering to the healing journey (within).