Amy Andrews

Started Teaching: 
4 years ago
Started Practicing: 
10 years ago

Amy fell in love with yoga in the start of 2008 as she was working in a high stress job and struggling with weight, anxiety, and depression. Her mom inspired her to take a class at a local Baptiste Affiliate Studio. Amy found empowerment and hope in class, and she kept coming back. Class became a place to leave, stress, fear and worry at the door. It became a place and time she cherished. Not long after, Amy was inspired to teach, yet it wasn’t until almost 6 years later she took the leap of faith after encouragement from a friend. Baptiste Yoga training broke her heart wide open, and she finally allowed it to lead the way. Amy’s life has been transformed by the Baptiste Yoga practice. She went from being stressed out and anxious to finding peace within herself. She learned how to stand in her own power and how to support and uplift the people surrounding her. As a dedicated practitioner, Amy aims to balance effort and ease in her own practice, and brings this into her teaching style, encouraging students to be curious about the inner workings of their bodies each day. You can expect laughter and silliness in class with Amy, too. Yoga is mean to be FUN! Yoga has illuminated Amy’s biggest and best self and helped her realize her full potential, and she encourages her students to discover the same for themselves.