Scott Francis

Started Teaching: 
14 years ago
Started Practicing: 
24 years ago
Primary Style and Expertise: 
Power Vinyasa, Vipassana Meditation

For me the practices of yoga and meditation have provided a path toward my most creative, inspired and meaningful way of living in the world. I believe the practices have kept me aligned with what is most essential and important for me. At the heart of the practices are qualities of heart and mind like; joy, concentration, equanimity, non-reactivity, peace, happiness, connection, inspiration, community, mindfulness, presence… name a few. I teach because I believe we all yearn to be connected to these qualities, to live with them and express through them. I am most passionate about the complementary nature of strong flow classes and seated meditation. I truly love the intersection of dynamic movement and the calm of stillness. I am very inspired to be part of a thriving yoga community in the heart of South Lake Union surrounded by amazing teachings and many, many inspired yogis. I’ve practiced and studied with many different teachers and many different traditions including; Iyengar, Ashtanga, Yin, Hatha, Prana Flow and Power Vinyasa. The current yoga teacher that I am most aligned with is Baron Baptiste. I have a personal resonance with his style of practice, his methodology of teaching and his belief in the deeper impacts of yoga for us as individuals and for our planet. I am grateful to be part of the broader Baptiste Community. For over 20 years I have practiced Vipassana meditation with many Western teachers most all are associated with Spirit Rock or Insight Meditation Society. My primary teachers are Jack Kornfield, James Baraz and Guy Armstrong. My teachers and the teachings of Buddhism have deeply impacted my life. I enjoy attending longer silent retreats annually and know that the insights and openings that occur while on retreat are in many ways foundational to the way I teach and my relationship to yoga. Scott is also an artist and a designer of architecture. He finds deep inspiration in the union of his artistic endeavors and his spiritual practice.

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