Are you ready to expand your teaching and leadership to new levels?  The Individual Mentoring Program at Be Luminous Yoga offers you an unparalleled opportunity to transform your good teaching into highly effective and empowering teaching that has people seeking you out.  While this program is highly individual, and your primary coach will develop specific, targeted activities and process for you, you will receive the following in this 12-week program:

  1. Three One-On-One Coaching Sessions ( 1- Program planning, goal setting; 2- Defined by needs, 3-Program Review and closure)
  2. Co-teach and assist with your primary coach in one weekly class for 12-weeks
  3. Assist Intro Series for 1-month
  4. Assist on your primary coach in a regular vinyasa class taught by another teacher 2 times
  5. Develop other individual tools and activities based on your needs
  6. Unlimited yoga at Be Luminous Yoga during your 3-month program

The program is ultimately based on providing you with activities and tools to take you to the next level in your teaching.  For this reason, some of the above elements may be modified after you meet with your coach in your planning meeting.

Program Outcomes

  1. Define measurable, winnable and empowering teaching goals with your coach;
  2. Close the gap between your teaching is today and your goals;
  3. Expand your teaching is ways you never imagined.


$1950; $1500 for be Luminous Yoga Teacher Training Graduates