Saturday, December 9th 1:30-3:30PM

 Trap Vinyasa is an inclusive, body positive yogic experience that combines asana with dance and basic boxing elements all guided by trap music, a drum-based genre of rap originating from the south. You may have heard of trap yoga popping up around the city but unlike the fad, Trap Vinyasa is a practice I've been cultivating for years. Our practice isn't about twerking (although we do shake a tail feather), classes are rooted in the traditional teachings of self awareness and promote body positivity through liberated movement. In addition, we weave the storytelling power of hip hop with the healing nature of the 8 limbs to encourage students to redefine the stories around their bodies. As a result, our classes draw in diverse groups of non yogis who would normally be intimidated by traditional studios. Since our official launch in January 2017 classes have repeatedly sold out and we're excited to share the series with Be Luminous!

About Biola: A bhakti yogi with a Bikram background, Abiola Akanni is the 200hr RYT certified yoga instructor and founder behind Yoga by Biola, home of culturally expressive yoga and Trap Vinyasa®. An inclusive, body positive yogic experience, the Trap Vinyasa series features dynamic asana, dance and basic boxing elements guided by trap music, an 808 beat-based genre of rap originating from the south. Motivational language encourage self reflection and celebrate change while leaning into areas of growth compassionately. The Nigerian-American self-love activist is also the creator of The Divine Feminine Yoga Workshop and The BE Liberated Retreat, designed to help individuals embrace each unique archetype of the divine feminine and free their conscience of stagnant teachings that limit authenticity. Abiola's liberating offerings and soulful practice continue to redefine the yoga arena as we know it, while influencing many to walk out their true dharma in grace and truth.


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