Saturday, May 6th 1:30-3:30PM

Myth, Mantra, Movement: The Durga Edition
Join Greta for another Mythic Yoga Flow adventure and learn about the great Goddess Durga.  Durga is a Goddess who rides a tiger or lion into battle and helps us develop clear focus in the name of love! She is the great protectress who yields her power and devotes her practices to overcoming the destructive energies in the world and fighting with courage for the power of love.  

In this 2 hour practice, you will explore the myths of Durga, sing her mantra, and awaken your own courage and inner strength as you progress towards a variety of hand-balances to awaken your midline and ignite your own fearless heart!
This practice includes dynamic asana, myth, mantra, mudra and meditation.  Bring your mat and a willingness to play!

About Greta: Greta has been a yoga junkie for over 20 years! It all began in her late teens when she was feeling a little lost, seeking something to soothe her soul and what she discovered was a passion for a practice that has been her source of healing, inspiration, grounding and connection ever since. Greta has studied and mentored with some of the top names in the yoga and Ayurveda world and received certification in both Anusara and Vinyasa since she started teaching in 2000. She has over 1500 hours of training and her biggest influences include Sianna Sherman, Desiree Rumbaugh, Schuyler Grant, Shiva Rea, Sally Kempton and John Friend. She has pioneered yoga communities and taught extensively in Los Angeles, Bangkok, Brazil and New York before recently moving to Seattle. Greta has been training teachers for the past 10 years and also leads retreats, online yoga lifestyle courses and she has served as a consultant for a variety of wellness magazines including Yoga Journal.