Saturday March 17th, 9:30AM-12PM

Experiential Anatomy: The Pelvis

In this self-study (svadhyaya) workshop we’ll learn about the hips and pelvis both anatomically, functionally, and experientially. 

Why? Our pelvis is our center of gravity, the bowl that holds our organs, and the very roots of life. Associated with the root chakra, we often take this foundational part of ourselves for granted, often resulting in soreness around the low back, sore hips, or even sore knees. Having more freedom and awareness in the hips can result in ease in walking, a sense of confidence and power in your yoga practice, and in your life. 

Bring your curiosity, your awareness, your coffee or tea, a notebook and pen, and wear your yoga clothes with layers for warmth. We’ll go on a journey of self-discovery through lecture, discussion, an Awareness through Movement® lesson, and an opportunity for learning that will alter your sense of your own power.


$30 Pre-Register

$35 Day of

** This workshop is limited to 14 participants, pre-registration is recomended if you want to secure a spot!