April 1-2, 10AM-6PM

Join Liz Doyle for  a pranayama workshop to enhance your practice and teaching. While the workshop is geared toward teachers, anyone who attends will leave with a new depth of breath and tools for daily life.

In this program, you will:

- Master practical techniques to deflate stress and harness energy. 

- Learn basic pranayamas: how to do/teach them and their effects

- Understand breath retention, bandhas, 4 stages of pranayama and how to direct breath

- Incorporate Pranayama into your Asana and your teaching

*Note: This program will benefit any yoga practitioner or teacher and can be taken by anyone. It is also an elective program for those enrolled in the BLY 300 Teacher Training program.

About Liz Doyle:

Liz Doyle is a Seattle area icon, who is saught after acrross the coutnry both her her knowlege and skill as a yoga teacher.  Known as a "teacher of teachers," Liz uses a unique approach and a keen eye for subtleties that will catapult you to the next level.


Early Bird: $394 beore March 1, 2017

After March 1, 2017: $445